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The Maitland community is taking it in their stride to combat domestic violence

With domestic violence a growing and devasting issue for communities all over Australia – taking action at a grass roots level is one important way to help confront the problem.

A safe place to spread her wings

Fresh out of university and eager to expand her skills, official Hume-erang Danica landed her first role in the professional world as Hume’s Digital Coordinator in 2018.

There's no place like Hume

It’s rare to happily return to a former workplace and eagerly pick up where you left off, yet for Hume our people keep boomerang-ing back. Customer Insight and Engagement Officer Alex genuinely loved his time with Hume until the travel bug beckoned. 

Diala just keeps coming back

You know you’re doing something right when you have employees who find it hard to leave you. Rent Review Officer Diala has left us twice and managed to boomerang her way back to a company she knows and loves.