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What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is to help people who are earning a low to moderate income and are finding it difficult to pay the amount of rent being asked in the private market.

If you are eligible, you can apply for homes that are advertised or go on our waiting list.


Who is eligible?

To be eligible for affordable housing you must:

  • be an Australian Citizenship or permanent resident
  • live in NSW
  • be able to provide ID
  • have a household income within set limits
  • not own property that could help you with your housing needs

To check your eligibility and our available properties, please click here.

Affordable Housing Properties Flyer


Who Lives in Affordable Housing?

Couple, two-bedroom unit, Wentworthville

A young man studying to become a chartered accountant leases a new two-bedroom apartment in Wentworthville. He is eligible for affordable housing as he is driving a taxi in Parramatta to support both him and his partner while they both study. The location is ideal as the partner is studying fulltime to become a dentist and has work experience placements at nearby Westmead Hospital. The affordable rent and reduced travel time helps them concentrate on their studies so they can achieve their goals.


Family, three-bedroom townhouse, Smithfield

A family is living with relatives and struggling to find affordable accommodation of the right size and in a location that meets their needs. Their daughter suffers from severe allergies, which means they need to be close to a hospital, and their home can't have carpet or curtains.

After leasing a three-bedroom townhouse in Smithfield, their two children have their own bedrooms and are making friends with other children in the complex. The parents are stabilising their budget, and the affordable rent means they can more easily cope with their daughter's ongoing medical bills.


Our customers are diverse and need a broad range of housing solutions that suit the particular stage of their life and individual circumstances. Hume strives to provide and is further developing the range of housing products and services which ensures access to appropriate accommodation for every stage of life's journey.