Registered NDIS Provider

Housing for People With Disability

Meanings of words

Hume means the company that looks after your home.

SDA means the home you live in with Hume.

SIL providers means the people who help you live on your own.

Guardian means a person that takes care of you and protects you. A guardian might be your family.


Hume can help you

Hume has many SDA homes in New South Wales.

Hume works with SIL providers to help you in your home every day.

Hume lets you pick where you live.

Hume also lets you pick your SIL provider.


Who we work with

Hume works with a lot of companies to make sure you are happy in your home.


Some of these companies are:

  • Northcott

  • Life Without Barriers

  • Ningana

  • MDS

Do you want to live with Hume?

If you want to live with Hume, talk to your guardian.


Your guardian can call us at (02) 9722 4300.

Your guardian can email us at