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How do I...?

Hume has a set housing allocation process. These are the steps we take to select a new customer for a vacant property. We use the same steps for every home to make sure the process is fair.

All of our decisions are based on guidelines and set rules.

The FAQs below should answer any questions you have about our process.


Speak to our Customer Service Team or Housing Options Officers; they will be able to help you to apply for social or affordable rentals.

Hume do not have a separate waitlist for social rentals and all applicants are processed through the Housing Pathways system including transfers for current customers. This is the same waiting list used by Housing NSW and other Community Housing Providers.

We do have our own waitlist for our affordable rentals. If you are assessed as eligible for the program, we can add you to the list and contact you when a home becomes available that suits your requirements.

Unfortunately there are a lot more people looking for a home than there are homes available. Everyone has to wait for their turn, which only comes when the people who were on the list before them or people who are in more difficult situations have been offered a home.

The more information you give us when you apply for housing, the easier it is for us to work out your eligibility. Each person you want to live in the house needs to be assessed because rents are based on the income of all the people who live in the house. The type of house you are offered is also based on your whole family. If you deliberately give us false information, you will be removed from the waitlist.

There are a few reasons why people have different sized homes. Sometimes they have lived there for a long time and their children don't live at home anymore, or they need someone to come in and care for them a few nights a week, or for health reasons they need separate rooms or they need an extra room to store medical equipment. Hume does assess how many people live in a home and we will look at moving people to a smaller home if they don't need the extra bedrooms.

You are assessed on your family needs and we will let you know what type of property you are eligible for under our rules.

Each property has a market rent, which is what you would pay if you rented from a real estate agent. The amount of rent you pay is based on an assessment of your household income and may be less than the market rent.

Your friend's rent depends on their personal circumstances, the market rent of their property and on the housing program that they are in.

Sometimes a small, old home has a higher rent than a new home so you might pay more. This is because the home is in an area where more people want to live – maybe because it's close to schools, transport and shops.

You can read more about how rents are set in our Rent Policy

No, you cannot pay an employee to give you a home, or offer more money to go to the top of the list. This would be illegal.

All properties are allocated to the next approved and eligible applicant on the housing waitlist.

The Housing NSW Application Database is called Pathways.

Make sure you check out the wait list for the suburbs you are interested in. Some suburbs are in high demand, which means an extended waiting period for a home. You can find out which suburbs have a longer waiting period on the Housing Demand website

If you want to move you can apply for a transfer. Your application will be assessed based on your current situation. Wanting to be near friends is not considered a reasonable request and your transfer will not be approved.

We also cannot transfer you because of your personal preference for a different area or due to the size of bedrooms or similar reasons.

You can find out how to apply for a transfer on the Apply for a transfer page.

If you have any other questions about your eligibility, position on the waitlist, or the fairness of how our programs work, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer on 1800 004 300.

We have a wonderful relationship with our customers based on mutual respect, trust and a partnership approach to managing your housing needs.

If at any time you feel a Hume employee is acting suspiciously, improperly or illegally, we ask that you speak to a senior manager and let them know your concerns.

We will protect your privacy.

We will investigate your concerns.

We will advise you of the outcome.

We will explain the rules.

To have your enquiry given to a Senior Management team member, please email: [email protected] and attention it to management.