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Registered NDIS Provider

Customer Feedback

At Hume Community Housing we welcome feedback from you, our customers, about our services and the way we deliver them.  

All the feedback we receive helps us continue to improve the level of service we provide to you. We would also like to know if you think we have done a good job and welcome compliments about our employees and programs. 

Below are definitions of what complaints, appeals and compliments might look like and how you can share your views and experiences with us. Your input is important to Hume, so please take the time to get involved, and we thank you in advance for your input. 


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with our service which requires a resolution or response. You can make a complaint when: 

  • We have not considered certain factors in making or carrying out a decision 
  • The actions of a Hume employee doesn’t meet your expectations or adhere to Hume’s obligations under policy or legislation 
  • There are delays in responding to an enquiry or administrative process 
  • We have failed to provide a service properly, or at all 
  • We have failed to fulfil our statutory responsibilities 
  • You believe we have responded in a biased or discriminatory manner 
  • We have not provided the service to the standard which the customer believes is reasonable 
  • We are doing something which they did not want us to do 
  • We are carrying out our duties in an unsatisfactory way 

Who can submit a complaint? 

  • Customer 
  • Family member or friend 
  • Community member 
  • Hume employee 
  • Legal representative 
  • Local Member of Parliament 
  • Minister 
  • Registrar of Community Housing 
  • NSW Ombudsman 
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission 



An appeal is a request for a review of a decision made by Hume. Customers can appeal the following types of decisions: 

  • Succession of tenancy outcomes 
  • Modification requests 
  • Alteration requests 
  • Eligibility for social or affordable housing 
  • Priority Housing approvals 
  • Emergency Housing approval 
  • Private Rental Subsidy Assistance 
  • Transfer application outcomes 
  • Calculation of a rental subsidy 

Who can submit an appeal? 

Appeals can be made by all the same people that can submit a complaint. 

External appeals 

Customers can submit an appeal to the Housing Appeals Committee for an external review of a decision we have made. They must have made an internal appeal to Hume first and HAC only review specific topics. 

For contact details and a full list of what can and cannot be appealed to HAC, visit here.


Neighbourhood issues 

At Hume, we also receive regular reports regarding behaviour that may be breaching the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and demonstrating behaviours which may be seen as anti-social to individuals or neighbourhoods. 

These types of complaints are reviewed and followed up by your Neighbourhood Officer and may be referred to other levels of management depending on the situation. 

 We categorise anti-social behaviour depending on the seriousness of the situation. 


Timeframes for resolving a complaint or appeal 

You should expect your Complaint or Appeals to be acknowledged by us within two working days of receipt. 

We aim to resolve your complaint or appeal in 15 working days. Sometime this may take longer depending on the problem. 

You will be provided with a reference number for your complaint or appeal, so that you are able to follow it up later. 


If you wish to make a formal complaint or disagree with a decision we have made, please complete the form below. This form will then be reviewed by a Senior Manager.

For more information on complaints and appeals and your rights as a customer, please read our Compliments, Complaints and Appeals Policy.

You can also make a complaint or appeal a decision: 

  • In person 
  • In writing 
  • By email at [email protected] 
  • Through our online chat function 
  • By WhatsApp on (02) 9722 4300 

If you need help to let us know about your complaint or appeal, you can contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450 and ask them to call Hume on 1800 004 300 and a member of our team will register your feedback and provide you with a reference number.