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Hume has three housing programs:

  • homelessness
  • social
  • affordable


The Housing Independence Program supports customers without a home to get ready to live in stable housing. Rentals are provided on a three-month lease. For customers with complex needs, leases can be renewed up to three times (12 months total accommodation).

The Housing Independence Program develops person-centred plans with its customers. It supports customers having difficulty accessing stable housing to:

  • redeem poor rental history
  • reduce debts
  • learn how to be a good customer
  • access support services.


Program partners

The Housing Independence Program works with external support partners.

Partners include:

  • personal and financial counselling
  • relief organisations
  • family support
  • mental health services
  • drug and alcohol services
  • real estate agents.


Rent It Keep It

Housing Independence customers complete this training course, which teaches how to obtain and keep a tenancy. The course is run every two months.


Our program is flexible

The Housing Independence Program tailors its approach to give the best outcomes for each customer. Our intake and allocation process considers an individual’s requirements when matching customers to available properties.


Program eligibility

  • People without a home or about to become homeless
  • People eligible for social housing.
  • Someone in household is at least 18 years of age who can sign the lease
  • Have regular income or income support
  • Agree to follow the policies and procedures of the Housing Independence program
  • Agree to work with Hume employees and other support organisations



The Housing Independence Program accepts self-referrals as well as referrals from government and non-government organisations.

Customers may have been evicted from social or private rentals. Customers may have rental debts, which prevent them from obtaining housing. Assessment interviews are conducted as vacancies occur.

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The Supported Housing Program is a short-term program in which people are linked to a Support Organisation throughout their tenancy with us.

The Supported Housing Team works with over 30 partners, with the majority of these partnerships working specifically in the homelessness space. Hume’s support partners have nomination rights for specific properties and are invited to put forward a nomination when are property becomes available. Hume undertakes the tenancy management and the support partner provides the case management.

With a commitment to high levels of communication, all parties work together to empower a sustainable tenancy and the opportunity for the customer to exit into a longer term and sustainable housing option.


Hume works in partnership with Housing NSW in providing TAP for people experiencing homelessness in the Fairfield, Liverpool, and Campbelltown areas.

Our experience shows that people become homeless for a variety of reasons such as loss of employment, family breakdown, poor health, mental health issues or being unable to access affordable housing options, with many experiencing more than one of these issues.

Through TAP customers re-establish a routine, stabilising their housing situation and are guided into ongoing housing options with the aim to reconnect with the local community. TAP creates a safety net for people and families who are experiencing homelessness.

The TAP team provide daily case planning with customers to ensure housing independence is achieved.

TAP ultimately provides a pathway for customers to re-enter the housing market by demonstrating their ability to sustain rental payments and by helping to create a ’good tenancy’ reputation for our customers.


Social rentals are designed for people on low to moderate incomes who can't afford the rent in the private market. Rent for these homes is based on a household's income.

Social rentals are managed by community organisations like Hume as well as by Housing NSW. People who are interested in the program only need to make one application to go on the waiting list for social rentals looked after by any of these organisations.

You can find more information about social rentals on the Are you looking for a home? page.


Affordable rentals help people who are working but are earning low to moderate incomes and are finding it difficult to pay the amount of rent being asked in the private market.

People who are eligible for this program can apply for homes that are advertised or go on our waiting list.

You can find more information about affordable rentals on the Are you looking for a home? page.