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My Neighbourhood

At Hume, we offer quality homes and services. We also support our customers to keep their homes and to be self-sufficient, happy, healthy, and safe in their communities. We know that it is important for us to work with our customers, local services, and government agencies to help keep the community working together.

We want to help our customers to find employment and ways they can work with businesses that support the community. To do this, we work together with businesses, councils, and local services to find and create opportunities.

Together with our customers, partners, and the wider community, we are developing Neighbourhood Plans for each of our communities.

The Neighbourhood Plans will:

  • give us a detailed picture of the physical, social and cultural environment that our customers live in and what might be effecting communities being able to work together
  • find local services and new partners that we can work with to improve local connections
  • link to the overall plans and outcomes in our Community Cohesion Strategy
  • link to our Guiding Principles from our Strategic Plan 2018–2021
  • work out the most important areas our Neighbourhood Officers and Sustainable Communities Team need to focus on
  • help us work out where our resources are needed the most
  • give us a starting point for talking with customers and services about what the community needs and how we can get the community working together
  • help us to plan ahead for change

We have Neighbourhood Officers, Community Development Officers, and Housing Coordinators working in your neighbourhood. They are there to help you with any questions you have about your home, issues, with neighbours or if you need some advice or support.

Our officers work with you and our partners to manage the area around our properties and any shared areas within them and to make sure the neighbourhoods are attractive, well maintained and safe places to live.

Neighbourhood Officers will have regular contact with you. They will visit you to make sure that you are doing okay in your home and to work with you to fix problems or help you to find another service that can support you or give you advice.

Officers will conduct at least one customer wellbeing and tenancy visit per year. This visit is to make sure that you are managing well in your home and there are no problems with your tenancy. Officers can visit you more often if you need support to be able to stay in your home. They can also give you advice if your home doesn't suit you anymore.

We can support you in education, employment and training by organising services to help you reach your goals.

It is important that you meet with your Neighbourhood Officer in your home.

Hume and Neighbourhood Services started block meetings to give our customers the chance to share information and bring up any issues that are affecting your block or the area around it.

We encourage you to come along, as your opinion is important to us and will help us work together to create a happy and safe community.

Neighbourhood and Environmental Improvements 

Each year, our officers talk with customers to work out which areas in your neighbourhood need to be improved. We then look at:

  • condition, age, repair and maintenance requests we've had from customers throughout the year that need a long term solution
  • upgrades that have already happened and any work that wasn't finished due to budget or because it wasn't urgent
  • if environmental upgrades like water tanks and composters are suitable
  • things that have come up in block meetings about what customers want and need including landscaping, improvements to shared areas and upgrades to security
  • levels of crime and anti-social behaviour information for the area
  • opportunities to improve the community planned by the Sustainable Communities Coordinator and Neighbourhood Officer from grant funded programs such as gardening projects, environment awareness programs and volunteering initiatives

When the work is completed, the relevant Neighbourhood Officer and Supported Housing Coordinator will organise a celebration in the neighbourhood.

For more information on how we manage our environmental improvements and shared areas please read our Block Upgrade and Environmental Improvements Policy.

Our customers are the central focus of what we do. We value our customers and we believe everyone should have the same rights, access to services and opportunities to have their say.

The Tenants Voice Committee is a group of customers that meet regularly to make sure Hume is always improving the services and support we give customers.

The Committee's role is to:

  • organise the social club subcommittee and manage events for seniors, young people and families each year
  • guide Hume’s policies by sharing their experiences of our services and giving us feedback on what could be improved
  • lead promotions to encourage new customers to take part in our programs
  • support other customers going through the social housing process
  • take part in the NSW Housing Federation Tenants Group by suggesting what services are needed and looking at the best way to do things.

Each Hume customer can be part of the Hume Social Club for $1 per week. Being part of the Social Club means you can got on up to four outings per year organised by the Sustainable Communities Coordinator. Past outings have included Jamberoo, Royal Easter Show, Sydney Aquarium, and the Maritime Museum.

For more information on becoming a member of the Tenants Voice Committee or joining the Social Club, please contact Jason Newton on 0400 072 240.