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13 January 2022

A woman holds up a house key with a house keychain attached.

2022 heralds a new beginning for young family

After 11 months of homelessness and relying on the hospitality of family and friends, single mum Nikki said she received the best news ever – a home from Hume.

She moved into her new home with her four children in the second week of December, enough time to get settled, make their own and prepare for the holiday season and a new year.

“The timing has been perfect for us all, especially the kids as they are so happy now with a home, a new school to go to and somewhere to call our own where we can celebrate as a family.”

Nikki had never experienced homelessness until a relationship break-down left her and her children at rock bottom.

“I moved back to stay with my Mum, but it was difficult with the kids, we had to keep on the move as people just didn’t have the space for us all so staying with them for long periods wasn’t fair on them,” she said.

Nikki grew up in the Maitland area and returning at this time she said was a relief.

“You spend your youth trying to leave a place but now I am very grateful to be back!” she said.

But finding an affordable rental home in the current property market was impossible. Although Nikki was on the social housing list since April 2019 and before the break-up, nothing was forthcoming. So when her situation arose, she met with Hume and was made a priority.

However Nikki still had to keep applying for properties as there was no guarantee one would come up through Hume in time.

“I applied for over 400 properties, so it was tough getting knocked back each time, it really brought me down,” she said.

However the support she got from Hume and Carries Place – a partner service Hume works with that provides support services – was second to none she reported.

“Judith at Hume was the first person I spoke to and then I received more support from Jasmin at Carries place, together they were amazing. Jasmin kept me inspired to keep applying for properties and not give up, and I know Judith was doing all she could to find us a home,” she said.

“Both ladies worked as a team to keep me constantly supported. Now I feel safe and secure, and these relationships makes me feel I am not alone.”

For Nikki, a Hume property became vacant and it was immediately offered to the young family.

“The home has a new kitchen and has been redecorated – I am just so grateful!” said Nikki.

Hume believes that when you have a home, you have the foundation and security to plan for your future.

“This is what we hope for Nikki, it’s a new start and a platform to getting back on track, step by step,” said Judith.

“Nikki did everything she possibly could to resolve her homelessness, she was incredibly resilient and proactive, despite how many of her rental applications were rejected.

“It was a long journey, and we are overjoyed that we could get Nikki and her children into their own home to start the New Year,” concluded Judith.

As for Nikki what does she think the future holds?

“Right now I want to take some time out to recover from the trauma of the past year, enjoy my home and establish a garden out of the back, then look forward to new opportunities in 2022.”

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