Registered NDIS Provider

Alexandra's story

In early 2019, Alexandra and her family’s rent had fallen into arrears in the private market. “Everything went downhill after that,” she said.

With no support network to turn to, the family were forced to leave their home and live out of their car. Both parents were experiencing depression. They knew they needed to find stability in their housing situation to help themselves get back on their feet.

“We had no family to turn to. We stayed in motels at first, but then our money ran out and we were forced to live out of our car. I had resigned from my job and my husband had left his job because he feared leaving our daughter and I alone. We had never, ever been through anything like this,” said Alexandra.

After connecting with FaCS, the family understood the importance of asking for help during the difficult adjustment to their situation.

Working with Hume’s Housing Independence Officer, the family was connected to Uniting’s Doorways for Men with Families program. Alexandra said, “we were able to get back on our feet. They were supporting us and it was truly their help and belief in us that got us through.”

“Hume reassured us that we had plenty of time to get back on our feet and that the place they had given us was our home for the time being. But I told my husband that we wouldn’t become complacent because there were other people who needed help just as much as we did. Transitional housing was not the end for us, it was the beginning,” Alexandra said.

Having a safe, affordable home with Hume allowed Alexandra’s husband the peace of mind to find work while she was able to better manage their finances and support their daughter.

“This could happen to anybody. So, nobody should feel alone or isolated. We were a normal family who were doing it tough and while it took a toll on us, we are so grateful that Hume was there to support us,” she said.

With a stable rental record, money saved and a paying job, the family was able to secure a private rental after just four months into the Housing Independence Program. The family won’t stop there—Alexandra has started a catering company from home, and the couple is working hard to save for a property of their own.