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Energy-saving tips


Energy rating calculator

More stars equals more savings! Energy Rating Labels are an Australian Government requirement on new appliances, making it easy to compare running costs. When comparing similar sized appliances, look for more stars on the label to save money. Make sure the energy consumption score is low as it will be cheaper to run. Before making your next purchase, see how much your new appliance will cost you by using the Energy Rating Calculator here.


Appliance replacement offer

Upgrade your fridge or television to a new, more efficient model! Using appliances with high star ratings will help reduce your energy bills. Discounts on new energy efficient fridges and televisions are on offer for eligible NSW residents. To replace your fridge, your current fridge must be at least 10 years old. To replace your television, you must own a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT) television. Learn more or apply now here.


Discounted energy-efficient lighting for households

Reduce your electricity bill by switching to LED lightbulbs! The NSW Government is offering a lighting upgrade offer to eligible households. The purpose of the offer is to help eligible households replace old lights with new LED lights. Currently, the offer targets the replacement of halogen downlights with LED downlights. The cost of the LED lights and installation is subsidised. Find an approved supplier in your area or learn more here.


Help for households facing energy bill stress

You could be eligible for the Family Energy Rebate! The Family Energy Rebate helps NSW family households with dependent children cover the costs of their energy bills. If you receive your energy bill directly from your energy retailer and you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the Family Energy Rebate online. Learn more or apply now here. Applications for 2019/20 close at 11 pm on Thursday 18 June 2020.