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23 November 2021

A Hume star story

A screenshot of the show RockWiz.

For Hume customer Sharon, singing is a daily routine. It is in her bones. Back in 2012, following a hugely successful public performance opportunity at Rockwiz in Newcastle, it also gave her inspiration when at a low ebb in life.

Sharon has lived happily in her Maitland villa for 14 years, where she attempts “to sing daily, at least along to the radio or whatever CD I might be listening to”.

Hume took over management of her property two years ago and since that time Sharon said she has been more involved in the community than ever before, particularly enjoying seniors’ week events and Choir Days held.

A selfie of customer Sharon with her piano.“When I think of Hume, I think ‘Human’, because they have really brought people together through learning and fun events – such as the recent smart phone course I did to master Zoom, which in turn has led to more engagement with others, particularly through COVID,” said Sharon.

“As the pandemic lockdowns started in March 2020 weekly telephone wellbeing checks from Hume were also a great support, just truly wonderful.”

But it is singing that is Sharon’s passion and to her the 2012 Rockwiz event only seems like yesterday. It was here that handsome Cruel Sea lead singer, Tex Perkins, exclaimed: “This one can actually sing!” when he heard Sharon perform.

“It was in front of a full house and Don’t go breaking my heart was the song chosen for me by the chocolate wheel, it was nerve racking but incredible,” explained Sharon.

The song was originally sung by Elton John and Kiki Dee in the late 1970s and Sharon said it will remain an all-time favourite and mark a truly special and surreal time in her life, opening up a ‘brand new world’.

“The experience came at the perfect time as I was battling a tedious life of unemployment, constant job knockbacks and unsuccessful interviews, so It helped with my self-esteem.  In an instant it changed from a cold hard world where I felt, alone, scared and incapable, into a new one,” said Sharon.

“My voice was being heard, strong, calm and even appreciated as the crowd cheered.

“It was such a huge exhilarating experience; I don't believe I slept for at least two nights after. The smile on my face was visible for months after,” she said.

Hume customer Sharon smiling with Julie Zemiro on RockWiz.A positive event like this can inspire and provide renewed confidence.

“Later on I went to see a local band, and a complete stranger asked if I was on the ‘Rockwiz recently at the Civic Theatre. That gave me a massive buzz,” said Sharon.

“I had a new confidence to chat to more people, laugh more, keep listening to new music and even audition for X – Factor – which after queuing for over seven hours and close to complete exhaustion, in hindsight I would never recommend!”

But Sharon said her X-Factor experience was worth it, despite all the waiting, and even though she didn’t get through, she enjoyed watching others’ excitement during the day.

“A couple of talented young lads auditioning after me made it to the second round their excitement was palpable. The look in their eyes was just amazing, if you could bottle their energy and excitement, it would be a phenomenal force,” she said.

Hume customers are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities, from social outings to training programs and health and well-being initiatives. You can find more information in this issue of Humelife.

Perhaps it is time for Hume to find all our talented customers and have our own open mic, X-Factor event! If you have a musical talent or you know a customer that does, do let us know, we’d love to share their story. Email [email protected]  

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Photos: Rockwiz Images reproduced with permission of Andrius Lipsys (photographer) and Julia Zemiro.