Registered NDIS Provider

Kerry's story

Kerry has had her fair share of challenges, but has remained optimistic and determined to live her life to the fullest. She survived an abusive relationship at a young age and is today supporting her middle-aged daughter through cancer. Kerry, now aged in her 70s, began to find it difficult to make ends meet, and applied for community housing with Hume.

“I heard about community housing and asked to be placed on the waitlist. Hume called me and said they’d find something for me as soon as they could. When I was offered a place in the Wollongong area, I couldn’t believe it when they told me it was a brandnew building—I was completely overwhelmed,” Kerry said.

Her home is filled with colour and energy, and most importantly is a safe, inviting space she feels proud to call home. More than anything, Kerry loves how the units are dedicated to seniors and the peace and privacy that gives to older people.

“I am constantly amazed at how different Hume is. They called me to see how I was enjoying my new home and if I needed anything. I could not believe the interest in and care they take of me. They arrange occasional resident get togethers so we can provide them with feedback. Hume cares what I think. I feel like I really matter,” Kerry said.

“My neighbours in these units are around my age and we all respect each other’s space. Everyone is so friendly. I am so grateful for my home with Hume and everyday appreciate the community spirit they have cultivated,” she said.