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9 May 2024

A safe place to spread her wings  

Fresh out of university and eager to expand her skills, official Hume-erang Danica landed her first role in the professional world as Hume’s Digital Coordinator in 2018.

“When I first joined Hume, I was so excited to be in the workforce. Little did I know that it was the beginning of an amazing time of career development for me!” said Danica.

After five busy years in the Communications team, she decided it was time to explore new career horizons, but in 2024 she’s happily Hume-eranged back to us!

“At first, the role only focused on social media, but I taught myself PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Premiere – Hume expanded my role to tap into these skills,” Danica reflected.

While Danica loved working in the Communications team and found it hard to leave, she knew that it was time to spread her wings. She took on a six-month contract with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) as their Senior Brand and Communications Executive.

“NBCF was another great not-for-profit to work for, and I had a role focused on project management,” she said, “Instead of doing the filming, photography and editing myself, I was organising others.”

This new and busy role helped Danica to expand her brand management, writing, media, and public relations skills.

“This was another major learning time for me, and this role helped me start thinking seriously about my career future,” she noted.

“I really began to appreciate contract work as it lets you utilise a variety of skills, so my time at NBCF opened my eyes in terms of what I wanted.”

Danica landed her next role as Supplier Engagement and Events Coordinator at Woolworths, one of Australia’s largest employers. In this role, she focused on finetuning her corporate communication skills through various events, internal announcements, a magazine, and many other projects. 

“I worked with a great team at Woolworths, but found myself missing the NFP space, and after a while, I made the decision to pursue contracting and freelance work in this area,” Danica said.

As fate would have it, there was an opportunity to return as a part-time contractor in the Hume Communications Team. What could be better?

“I couldn’t believe my luck! It was amazing to get the phone call asking if I was interested!” laughed Danica.

“I jumped at the opportunity, as Hume is a place where I’ve always felt appreciated and at home. Now I have the bonus that the role still gives me the flexibility to take on other small contracts.”

“Now I’m back, it honestly feels like I never left, but I’m pleased to say I’ve got more experience.” 

Danica said that one constant during her time away from Hume was her faithful companion bird Matcha – who many at Hume know because he would chime in on Zoom meetings!

“Matcha is a bit like Hume, he makes me feel safe, welcome and heard – it’s so good to be back!” concluded Danica.

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