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18 April 2024

Diala just keeps coming back  

You know you’re doing something right when you have employees who find it hard to leave you.

Rent Review Officer Diala has managed to boomerang her way back to Hume, a company she knows and loves - twice. Diala had been with us for three years when she decided she needed time to focus on her health and family.

“I needed peace and quiet, and time for myself, husband, and family,” said Diala.

“I took time out and got to enjoy some fun times just being a little carefree and taking time for myself. I wasn’t sure what my next move would be but wanted to eventually get back to work.”

When Diala learned that her former role was hiring, she eagerly re-applied.  Her successful application meant a Hume return, a term we officially recognise as a Hume-erang!

Diala learned not long after settling back into the fold that a much longed-for baby was on the way.

“My husband and I were over the moon, yet I felt a little bad I would be leaving Hume again – but this time for even better reasons than the first and only for a short time!”

In July 2023, Diala gave birth to a beautiful baby girl celebrated by all Hume employees. When she returned to work a couple of weeks ago, Diala said it was like coming home.

“I love my job, helping people is important to me, especially with housing affordability being so tough. I want to support customers as much as I can. I previously worked in the banking and finance sector and compared to Hume; they lacked heart and soul,” Diala told us.

Diala appreciates Hume’s flexibility: “I work three days a week from home and one in the office. This helps me feel close to my baby who is in childcare around the corner during work hours.

“I enjoy going into the office to collaborate with my team because we all have the same mindset – to be of service and helping people,” Diala explained. Hume Community Housing provides rental housing to over 9,000 customers across NSW and works with customers to maintain their tenancies, particularly during challenging times as households confront cost of living challenges.

“Working at Hume is like being a part of one big family, to me there’s no workplace like it.”

If you want to join an organisation people find hard to leave, find out more about Hume Community Housing and check out our current vacancies.