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Simon and Julian's story

Simon*, 24, and Julian* 18, are two brothers from Liverpool. Before coming to Hume, Simon and Julian had been homeless for about five years due to the breakdown of their family.

The brothers were referred to Hume by Mission Australia and entered through Hume Community Housing's Housing Independence Program. At the time, Julian was a shy and very withdrawn 15-year-old boy. Neither he or Simon were going to school or work and were living on Simon’s Newstart allowance.

Hume supported Simon and Julian to access a series of support services, including the White Lion Youth program, the NSW Department of Education, and psychological and financial counselling. They successfully engaged with each of these services.

Six months after entering HIP, a three-bedroom apartment became available. Hume nominated the brothers for the lease, which Simon, who is now employed, holds.

The two brothers rely on Simon’s income to cover the rent, and in two instances, they fell in arrears. They were referred to brokerage and with the added assistance of Anglicare and Centrepay, they were able to catch up on the rent payments. They were also linked with a food bank, which delivers food to them twice weekly at a significantly reduced price.

Hume have provided Simon and Julian with the opportunity to secure stable, long-term accommodation, as well as assistance and encouragement. Hume employees taught them how to sustain a tenancy, to be proactive if they are not able to pay their rent on time, and to engage with the support available.

It has taken some time, but Simon and Julian are now financially stable and successfully sustaining their tenancy.

* names have been changed for privacy reasons.