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21 April 2021

Scamwatch - Vaccination scams

Scams relating to COVID-19 vaccinations may attempt to gain your personal information and steal your money.


How to avoid a vaccination scam

  • Don’t give personal information to someone who calls you about the vaccine.

  • Don’t click on links in unexpected emails or text messages.

  • Don’t pay to get on a vaccination list – COVID-19 vaccines will be free for everyone living in Australia.

  • Don’t pay for early access to a vaccine – you can’t pay for early access.

  • You will not need a prescription from a GP to get vaccinated.


Protecting your personal information

Scammers may try to get your personal information by claiming it is required for you to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Don’t give personal information to anyone who calls you about the vaccine. Vaccine offers that ask for personal or financial information are scams.

If you receive unexpected emails or text messages about the vaccine, don’t click on any links. They may contain malware and give your personal information to a scammer.

No one legitimate will request your myGov sign-in details, or ask you to sign into your account while they are watching your screen.


Get your information from reliable resources

Ignore unreliable information and only get your vaccine info from a trusted source like the Department of Health website or qualified medical professionals.

You can learn more about COVID-19 vaccines on the Department of Health website.

If you need information about COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines or help with the COVIDSafe app, call the telephone number 1800 020 080. This number operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How vaccines will be distributed

It’s important to know how vaccines will be delivered to Australians.

Vaccines will be delivered through vaccination clinics run by states and territories. If you are in residential aged care or disability care, you will receive vaccines through teams that visit you.

If someone offers to mail you a vaccine, it is a scam.