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13 January 2022

A man and a woman hold up a pair of keys.

Worth the wait

One family’s choice to move on and into new housing opens the door to another family escaping homelessness This was the case for Peter’s* growing family who after nearly a year of waiting and living in temporary accommodation, finally has a place to call home.

Peter and his partner’s journey have been challenging following a 2019 filled with tragedy including losing three members of the family, a move to the Hunter to start anew, and then COVID, now as 2021 closes, they have finally turned a corner.

The challenges this family faced are similar to many, where life’s twists and turns can render you and those who rely on you, homeless.

“When many members of my family passed away in the space of a year it was really hard and things changed, so my partner and I decided to move for a new life,” he said.

“Things however didn’t quite go according to plan and we had to leave the place we were staying in We had nowhere to go, no support and with a young family it was a challenge.”

Peter found out about Hume Community Housing and the family was placed in temporary accommodation which he said worked but was not perfect with the family living in a small space for nearly nine months. Eventually a   Hume property was vacated, repainted and carpeted, and made ready for Peter and his family.

Peter has been unable to work following a workplace injury and no long-term compensation Now his family is settled, Peter is ready to explore local employment vows to opportunities in 2022.

“I feel that the roller coaster of bad luck is finally coming to a close and can focus on the future and rebuilding my life and work, as work is important to me,” he said.

“My family have a home, the kids are making friends and love it here in the Hunter, and I see a light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.

“Having a home has been the key to start rebuilding and thanks to Hume who have supported us step by step, checking in on us along the way. We are truly grateful,” Peter said.

*name has been changed 
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