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Registered NDIS Provider

Request a Repair

You can request a repair by:

  • filling in the form below
  • email us at [email protected]
  • calling 1800 004 300 and selecting Option 2

You need to fill in all fields marked with an *.

What is an urgent repair?

If there is something impacting your safety or security in your home, this is considered an urgent repair.  

If your repair is urgent, we will fix it within 4 hours. Call us on 1800 004 300 and select ‘Option 2’ (during business hours) to request an urgent repair. 

Urgent repairs include:

  • a burst water service
  • a blocked or broken toilet
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious floor damage
  • the failure or breakdown of any essential services or appliances that have been provided by Hume for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundering
  • the failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • an appliance, fitting or fixture provided by Hume that uses or supplies water and that is broken in a way that causes a substantial amount of water being wasted
  • any fault or damage that makes the home unsafe or insecure
  • a serious fault in a lift or staircase
  • significant security threats to the premises and people

We also encourage customers to purchase contents insurance as this will protect you from expensive repairs and replacement of goods if there is damage to the property. 


What are timeframes for other repairs?

Repair Category

Timeframe for Attendance

Repair Examples

Category 1

24 hours

Lights not working, blocked drains.

Category 2

48-72 hours

Stoves, common area washing machines and dryers, external door locks.

Category 3

20 days

General repairs and maintenance that can’t wait for Planned Works. 

Planned Works

As scheduled

Kitchen or bathroom upgrades, flooring, internal or external painting, fencing.


If your repair issue gets significantly worse, or you feel an issue will cause more damage if it is not fixed soon, call us on 1800 004 300 and select ‘Option 2’ to speak to our repairs team.  


What if I need help with a repair outside of Hume office hours?

If you have an urgent repair, you can call 1800 004 300 and speak with our after hours service. They will send someone out immediately.  

If your repair is not an urgent repair, please wait to contact our office during business hours. 

If you have issues with other services or utilities at your home, you could try some of the following numbers: 

  • Sydney Water: 132 090 
  • Energy Australia: 132 604 or 131 388 
  • Telstra: 132 200 
  • Optus: 1800 501 064 
  • AGL Gas: 131 245 (connections) or 131 909 (leaks) 


Are there any repairs I'm responsible for?

As stated in your Tenancy Agreement with Hume, you are responsible for: 

  • Keeping your home in a reasonably clean condition, including cleaning windows, dusting, cleaning ovens and stoves, cleaning your bathroom and removing cobwebs 
  • Pest control, including managing ants, cockroaches, mice and rats 
  • Minor maintenance, such as replacing light bulbs and clearing gutters 
  • Looking after the gardens, including mowing lawns, watering, weeding and pruning trees and bushes 
  • Prevention or repair of damage caused by you or anyone you allow into your home. 

In some cases, if your home is damaged and Hume repairs it, you will be charged if: 

  • The damage is caused intentionally by you, a member of your household, your visitor, or your pet
  • You neglect to take care to prevent damage
  • You neglect to keep your home in a reasonably clean condition 
  • You have not restored the premises to a reasonable condition at the end of your tenancy, allowing for fair wear and tear 

Examples of repair items that would be charged to you include: 

  • Broken windows 
  • Punctured internal cabinet doors and walls 
  • Burns or other damage to carpets (not including fair wear and tear) 
  • Damaged clotheslines and hoists 
  • Damaged locks and locksmith charges related to lost keys 
  • Blocked water pipes and sewage due to items being placed down the drain including cooking oils, food or hair  
  • Removal costs for abandoned furniture, appliances, rubbish or vehicles at end of tenancy 
  • Restoration of power following an outage caused by a faulty appliance 
  • Lost house keys or remotes 

If Hume are required to repair any of these issues, the cost of the repair will be charged to you. The charges will be noted on your account with us, and you will receive an invoice requesting payment. 

You may appeal maintenance charges made against your account if you feel you are not at fault. You can supply your appeal be calling 1800 004 300 and selecting Option 6, emailing [email protected], or by completing our online form. 


What things can't be repaired by Hume?

There are some things we can't fix in your home, including:

  • supply and installation of air conditioners or heating
  • alarm systems
  • telephone supply and connections
  • installation of cable, satellite or other pay TV services


Can I make changes to my home?

We understand that you may want to make changes to your home. Any changes to your home require application and approval from Hume before they are made.  

There are two types of changes you can request with Hume: 

  • Modifications are changes that would help you live more independently in your home, such as grab rails and ramps, especially for customers with a disability or who are aging in place.

    If you would like to discuss your changing property needs, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or Supported Housing Coordinator, who can assist you to apply for a modification. Our maintenance team will review the request and access the right contractor to assist. We may have other options that will help as well. 
  • Alterations are changes or improvements you want to make to your home due to personal preference, including installation of air conditioning. All alterations are made at your expense. 

    You are responsible to maintain anything installed on your home, following an approved alteration request.  

Sometimes the home you live in is rented by Hume through a real estate agent or private owner. In these cases, we will forward the repair request to the agent and keep you advised of the progress of your request, abiding by the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.