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A picture of Katherine, a female Hume employee, surrounded by Hume customers at a barbeque in Maitland.

Katherine's Story

Network Navigator: Connected change-makers transforming lives

Katherine is a pro at connecting the dots. Fantastic networking skills and a passion for working with diverse communities, Katherine has a knack for building community culture and achieving incredible social outcomes. 

"My love is in the way a story can help change the way we perceive ourselves and others. I love empowering people to take charge of their own narrative. Working across a range of diverse communities, I'm a connect-the-dots kind of person. I'm passionate about building partnerships to achieve positive social change." 

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As a networker, Katherine creates change one contact at a time. Recognising the growing inequality within her own community, she was compelled to find a job that would allow her to connect with disadvantaged communities in the Hunter Valley and link them to services that would empower them to achieve their goals. 

"I was interested in Hume's vision to create positive change in the Hunter region. Access to safe, affordable housing is essential to a person's health and wellbeing and I wanted to address the inequality I saw in my own community by joining up with an organisation creating life-changing opportunities for people to prosper."

Used to working for smaller organisations, Katherine was excited to be a part of a larger team, empowered in a work environment that values its employees. From agile working to a supportive organisational structure, she feels appreciated knowing her contributions matter.

"This is the largest organisation I've ever worked in. I like the structure that Hume has put in place for its employees and feel that they not only have a focus on ensuring customers have opportunities to thrive, but that their employees are empowered to prosper also. It feels great to know that I'm a supported employee of Hume and that together we're working towards bridging the gap of housing inequality." 

Seeing the difference her role has made in the lives of those within her local community means the world to Katherine. Working within her network to assist people who are in challenging situations is key to her success. Most recently, she was able to create a lasting partnership with an individual who could provide beds and furniture free of charge to customers in need. 

"I connected with Raymond Terrace Rotary, who had access to free beds and furniture and was willing to provide them to customers in need. At the time, I had heard of a customer who needed to transfer out of his apartment but as a result of severe hoarding, was unable to take his furniture with him. Through the contact I had made with Raymond Terrace Rotary, we were able to provide him with a new mattress, bedside table, fridge and a lounge for his new apartment. That's just one of my favourite examples of how working within a network can change people’s lives." 


A picture of Richard, a male Hume employee, surrounded by people at a protest.

Richard's Story

The Art of Community Cohesion: Listening, learning, and empowering communities to take the lead

Having spent most of his career working on community development and empowerment projects in disadvantaged parts of the UK, Richard is passionate about making a difference. 

Richard came to us following a great role with Maitland City Council, where he established invaluable community connections while fine tuning his skills in helping individuals achieve their full potential. 

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As a Community Cohesion Officer at Hume, Richard is always looking for ways of connecting people with their community and helping them realise their goals. 

"It's all about bringing our customers' strengths and potential to the forefront and helping them connect with one another. You need to be an exceptionally strong networker to link people with the right mix of services that will enable them to thrive. More than anything, it's about building a sense of community that people can be a part of, belong to and be proud of."

“I was drawn to apply for the role as it built on my ability to connect with people and my local community knowledge and networks”.

Richard was attracted to Hume, as a not for profit organisation, because we echoed many of his own personal values. 

“I enjoy my work because it's quite varied and diverse. It's also people-focused and that's what I do best - supporting people, building their self-confidence and helping them to connect with others and thrive."

Hume recently took over the management of more than 2,000 homes and is supporting more than 4,200 customers in the Hunter region. As Hume is a relative newcomer to the district, Richard and the Community Cohesion team are introducing themselves to each local community and listening to what customers want to improve, foster and develop.

“We’re passionate about customers driving and contributing to the programs and services we offer.” 

"My role is incredibly rewarding. At the first Hume event we hosted in Raymond Terrace, a customer came up to me and said: 'In all of the 26 years that I've lived here, we've never had a community gathering in the park like this'. She was so grateful for the opportunity and that really stayed with me. People are excited about what we're doing and they're thankful that somebody is trying to bring their community together." 


A picture of Marnie, a female Hume employee, surrounded by Hume customers at a seniors event in Maitland.

Marnie's Story

Old friends, new friends, building a community

With a diverse career background that includes working in community based mental health, managing the Older Women’s Network of NSW, and providing massage therapy for seniors, Marnie brings a wealth of experience to Hume. Looking for a sea change, Marnie relocated from Sydney to lovely Port Stephens in search of a relaxed lifestyle and a new direction that embraced her passion for empowering older people. 

“I was most recently self-employed as a Massage Therapist within my own business - A Touch over 70. I managed to secure contracts with some local aged care providers and spent my days visiting seniors in retirement villages and nursing homes. It was such a lovely, rewarding thing to do and the service was so well received by the clients." 

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With a Graduate Diploma of Wellness, Marnie's experience and expertise in promoting capacity building initiatives for seniors made her the perfect fit for the role of Seniors Program Coordinator with us. Today, she is developing programs that give our senior customers the opportunity to participate within their local communities and achieve a sense of autonomy.  

Marnie is thriving on the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives. "My role includes supporting our over 55 customers to achieve positive outcomes.  Driven by customer input, I develop programs that offer opportunities for our senior customers to connect socially, participate in their local communities, engage in health and wellbeing activities, and enhance their capacity to live independently for longer. I’m very grateful to work within a role that focuses on empowering seniors to live full lives." 

Marnie was initially attracted to the role due to its focus on senior wellbeing. After researching the role, Marnie was pleased to discover that Hume is an innovative and progressive organisation that aren’t afraid of challenging the status quo. Marnie was particularly impressed that Hume prioritised senior customers by developing a role that focussed on enhancing their social outcomes.

“Hume not only manage properties and tenancies; we equally prioritise customer well-being and enabling people to actively participate in their communities.”

Although Marnie's role is primarily focused on program coordination, she never turns down the opportunity to engage one on one with customers, attending a range of events to ensure she stays in touch with their needs and interests. Supported by a friendly team, within a position that embraces agile working, Marnie feels right at home in her new role. 

"I'm delighted to arrive and find that Hume is all it says it is. I love how Hume is an organisation that ‘walks the talk’ regarding its values, and that those values align so nicely with my own. The role also fits perfectly with my experience, interests and skillset. I find it very meaningful to work with a group of people who often feel marginalised, invisible and unheard in society. I’m passionate about empowering our senior customers to build personal resources, feel valued, and to actively contribute within their communities”.


Here's just some of the great BENEFITS of working at Hume:

Innovative, collaborative and fun work environment

Above Award salaries

Great technology including Workplace by Facebook

Access to long service leave after 5 years

Access to Family & Domestic Violence Leave

An agile workplace

Fresh fruit daily

Access to flexible working arrangements

Access to Salary Packaging for eligible employees

Opportunities to develop and grow

Access to Mental Health First Aid Training

Access to Purchased Leave

Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

All teams strategic planning Away Days 

Regular group team events

Bespoke two-day personal development and competency program Being Human



Hume's four values - We Are Champions of Change, We Are Determined to Succeed, We Are Creators of Connectivity, and We Are Builders of Resilience.


Hume Community Housing is committed to a workplace where our team members prosper and diversity and inclusion are a valued part of our vibrant and connected working community. We encourage and welcome applications from men and women regardless of race or cultural diversity, age, sexual orientation or identity, disability, political and religious standing.