Registered NDIS Provider

Apply for a Transfer

If you are a social housing customer, you can apply to transfer to another home if there has been a change in your situation.

There are three different types of transfer requests:


General transfer request

A general transfer request can be made if your home is overcrowded or too big for what you need.


Priority transfer request

A priority transfer request can be made if:

  • your family has broken down due to divorce or separation
  • your home is extremely overcrowded
  • someone in your house has developed a disability or serious medical condition
  • someone in your house is at risk or the victim of continued harassment


Management transfers

Management transfers are recommended if:

  • there is a serious risk to the safety of someone in the household
  • the property is being sold or redeveloped
  • the property is under occupied
  • the head lease, the lease between the owner of the property and Hume, on the property has been ended
  • the property has had modifications made to it that aren't needed by the current customer, but there is a customer who requires a modified property
  • tenancy management issues


How to Apply

You will need to include supporting evidence with any transfer applications – for more information, speak to a Hume employee or refer to our Transfers Policy.

To apply for a general or priority transfer, please complete the following forms:


Contact your Neighbourhood Officer or Housing Co-ordinator if you think you are eligible for a management transfer and they will arrange an assessment.