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Apply for a Transfer

If you are a social rental customer, you can apply to transfer to another home if your housing needs have changed. Reasons for a transfer include: 

  • Your home is too big or too small for the number of people living there 
  • Medical conditions or disabilities 
  • Issues with family or relationships 
  • Harassment 
  • Changes to your employment 
  • Compassionate reasons 


What about affordable rentals? 

If you are an affordable rental customer, you cannot transfer between affordable properties. If you would like to move to a different affordable rental property, you need to complete a new application. 


Transfer request types 

There are three different types of transfer requests for social housing customers: 


General transfer request 

A general transfer request can be made if your home is overcrowded or too big for what you need. 


Priority transfer request 

A priority transfer request can be made if: 

  • Your family has broken down due to divorce or separation 
  • Your home is extremely overcrowded 
  • Someone in your house has developed a disability or serious medical condition 
  • Someone in your house is the victim of continued harassment. 


Management transfers 

A management transfer can be made if: 

  • There is a serious risk to the safety of someone in the household 
  • The property is being sold or redeveloped 
  • The property is too big for what you need 
  • The head lease (the lease between the owner of the property and Hume) on the property has ended 
  • The property has modifications that aren't needed by the current customer but there is a customer who requires those modifications 
  • There are tenancy management issues. 


How to apply 

When applying for a transfer, you will need to include supporting documentation. If you need help to gather this documentation, call us on 1800 004 300 and select ‘Option 1’ so we can help you or refer to our Transfers Policy. 

To apply for a general or priority transfer, please complete the following forms: 

If you are considering a transfer and you would like more information, contact your Neighbourhood Officer or a Housing Options Officer and they can help arrange an assessment for you.