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Registered NDIS Provider

Developing for Social Impact

Hume are committed to our delivering programs and services that deliver social impact, ensuring that we remain a strong community anchor for our customers and stakeholders.

One of our core principles is that Housing is a Human Right. We recognise that for many customers who reside in our communities the provision of safe, secure and affordable housing is the foundation for them to focus on themselves, their families and being empowered to transform their lives. This self-determination is supported to engage customers through social and community activities, employment or training opportunities.

Customers data. Number of tenancies as at 30 June 2022: 4,502. Number of customers as at 30 June 2022: 8,878. Nationalities represented: 83. Percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers as at 30 June 2022. 8.97% Percentage of customers with disability as at 30 June 2022. 19.88%
Age of customers graph. 1532 are 12 years and under. 903 are 13 to 18 years. 607 are 19 to 24 years. 819 are 25 to 34 years. 2128 are 35 to 54 years. 2898 are 55 years and above.
Length of tenure graph. 636 are 1 year and under. 1567 are 2 to 5 years. 771 are 6 to 10 years. 922 are 11 to 20 years. 606 are over 20 years.

The Hume Development Team is looking at both revolutionary and evolutionary growth opportunities to bolster housing supply in NSW.

Revolutionary growth refers to Hume’s appetite for rapid and significant transformation across our operations. One way we would like to achieve revolutionary growth is through large tenders/partnerships.

These collaborations will see Hume expand our operations, access new markets, and leverage strengths through partnerships.

Recent successes

  • $15m of funding for investment in new and existing homes in recent years.
  • NSW LAHC Communities Plus Telopea Urban Renewal Project (consortium with Frasers Property) – 740 social dwellings to be delivered Tenancy and Property Management, Provision of Wrap Around Services) ​
  • Core and Cluster - Raymond Terrace. 6 units and core service building.  Subsidy: DCJ fully funding land and development costs. Delivery Date: April 2025


Evolutionary growth refers to Hume’s continuous growth strategy which increases and improves the amenity of  our current housing stock to gradually increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

Recent successes

  • NSW LAHC Social Housing Management Transfer – 2,206 dwellings in Maitland and Port Stephens LGAs (Tenancy and Property Management, Provision of Wrap Around Services) ​
  • Work Funding Agreement (LAHC). Maintenance of 403 existing properties - $4.2 million ​


The Hume difference: 1. Provision of fit for purpose homes at a cost people on very low to moderate incomes can afford. 2. Provision of an additional supply of homes at a cost people on very low to moderate incomes can afford. 3. Provision of customer-centric tenancy and property management services. 4. Provision of a range of Housing independence programs and services. 5. Provision of customer and community wellbeing programs and services