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21 July 2021

Hume customer Scott and his son Tristan standing outside of their Rutherford home.

New home, new life

For single father of six, Scott Ryan, having renovations done on his Rutherford home is like being given a “new life”.

“Our home was very run down and no matter what we did to try to make it better, it was not enough, we always felt embarrassed by its condition,” said Scott.

“We are so grateful to Hume Community Housing for this work, it will be like having a new home we can be proud of, not ashamed of,” he said.

Hume customer Scott and his son Tristan holding their three dogs on their couch.The renovations – which include a new kitchen, window frames, carpets and painting throughout – were made possible under a 4 million in special stimulus package from the New South Wales Government.  In all, close to $4 million was allocated to upgrade around 70 Hunter social housing properties Hume took over tenancy management from the Department of back in 2019.

Scott moved into his 52 year-old Rutherford home just over five years ago to be closer to emergency medical facilities due to a genetic heart condition which has put Scott in hospital 13 times for operations.  He has to carry his medication with him at all times.

Scott’s son Tristan (20) – who lives with him along with his youngest daughter – has saved his life twice, knowing what medication to give and how when an emergency happens. 

“I don’t remember what happened, but just know that if Tristan had not been there to help and know what to do, it would have been a very different outcome. He’s a great son,” said Scott.

Raising six children alone has not been easy.

“It’s had its challenges, but it’s been worth it! They’ve all grown up good, five of them are working and one is a mother to a son – my first grandson. There’ll be more to come!” he said.

When they heard about the renovations the family were delighted.

“When we were told about being chosen for the renovations, I helped Dad do the packing and heavy lifting as with his condition he cannot do too much or get stressed,” said Tristan.

“We were so excited by the news I also started packing early as we had plenty of time to get organised.”

As Tristan cooks for his job he also became adept at making the tradesmen the odd egg and bacon roll to show their gratitude for the work and the positive attitude of the tradesmen.

“They treated us with great respect, were friendly and helpful it was the least we could do.  In the past when maintenance people have come to do work, they have sometimes not been so nice, so I have really appreciated their attitude,” said Scott.

“I’d often just check in on them to see if they needed anything like a cuppa or a water while they worked. Having worked in the building trade myself I know how important it is to have the cooperation of the residents, so I made sure we also didn’t get under their feet, especially as we did not move out.”

The arrangements have all worked out well – even with three boisterous, well-loved dogs in tow – who are looking forward to having a run of the garden once a new fence is up.

“When I first moved into this house there was not just work needed inside, the garden was a junk heap, it’s taken us five years to get the work done but now the garden is in great shape with many people commenting on how good it looks. And now we have a brand new house to match,” Scott said.

Scott and Tristan said the whole renovation work has just brought smiles to their faces.Hume customer Scott shaking hands with a tradesman.

“I’d like to thank the tradies for all their help as it’s like a brand new house, we are so thankful for what’s been given it to us, we really appreciate it.  When I walk down the hallway and see how its changed so much it just puts a big grin on my face.” said Tristan.

As for Scott he is equally as pleased and intends to keep things looking spick and span.

“I too can’t help smiling, it’s going to be amazing when all finished and we intend   to keep it clean and in good condition moving forward,” he said.   

“It is not an entitlement to have a social housing home, it’s a privilege and we intend to show our gratitude by continuing to maintain a home to be proud of.”               Scott thanks RTC building contractor Graeme Browne